1.1. This document regulated mutual rights, duties and responsibilities of the seller and the buyer (customer) regarding buying goods online in Lu.eL.

1.2. Use of this website, including access to and purchase of the goods contained within it, are subject to the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions provided forthwith are subject to change at any time without further notice.


2.1. The Seller – Boružiukai UAB, Vilniaus g. 9, Vilnius, Lithuania. Company Code 300047227. Tel.: +370 69973737; E-mail: info@luel.lt.

2.2. The Buyer (Customer) – a person who is visiting the site as a potential or returning customer.



3.1. The buyer picks the goods and places it to the basket.

3.2. The buyer brings the necessary data for the execution of the order: first name, last name, phone number, shipping address etc.

3.3. The contract is considered concluded from the moment when the buyer clicks the button confirming the order.

3.4. The order is accepted by the seller from the moment the buyer receives a confirmation of the contract by e-mail.

3.5. The buyer undertakes to pay the ordered goods, delivery fee.

3.6. If the buyer does not pay due amounts, it is considered that the order is canceled.

3.7. For the goods in our store you can pay using e-banking service by logging in to www.paysera.lt or provided country’s  the most popular e-banking systems.

3.8. You are able to pay for the goods using system “Paypal”. Please note that in this case, the payment will not  be charged, you just have to have a debit / credit card.

    3.9. Delivery Fee is calculated on the basis of country the goods to be delivered in:

    3.10.1. 6 EUR- Delivery Fee for the item to be delivered in Lithuania ;

    3.10.2. 10 EUR- Delivery Fee for the item to be delivered in Estonia, Latvia;

    3.10.3. 10 EUR- Delivery Fee for the item to be delivered in Poland;

    3.10.4. For other counties please contact us

    3.11. The buyer returns the goods at his/her own expenses. Expenses related to the change of goods should be covered by the buyer. Bank expenses related to refund of the buyers’ bank account in case of return of goods should be covered by the buyer. However, if upon receipt of the returned goods we deem that it is faulty, we will refund postage upon processing the replacement of your new item. We can only accept liability, however, after receiving the item and confirming the problem.

3.12. If the buyer has supplied inaccurate information or incorrect address, the buyer undertakes to compensate the Seller all related expenses arising from the delivery etc.

3.13. The Buyer outside of the EU will be responsible for paying any and all import duties, clearance fees, or brokerage fees assessed during the transport or distribution of your order. The Buyer is responsible for ensuring that all information and documentation required by customs in your country are provided in order to properly and efficiently receive your goods. It is recommended, then, that you inquire the landed cost price of your pending purchase with your local customs authority before finalizing the purchase authorization.



4.1. If you have any questions, comments or complains related to your purchase, please contact our Customer Service Team. For your convenience you can write us an e-mail or send us a fax message.

4.2. We aim to answer your questions in a fastest way.



5.1. We ask for your name, telephone number, address for the goods delivery, email address, your age, payment method details for the fulfilling your order.

5.2. We may obtain information about your usage of our Website to help us develop and improve it further through online surveys and other requests.

5.3. Your data will enable us, and our processors, to fulfill your order and provide you with our services.

5.4. We may also send you information about our products, services and details of promotions and special offers.

5.5. If you do not wish to be contacted for marketing purposes please inform our Customer Service Team accordingly.

    5.6. Upon using this website, you give your consent for us to:

    5.6.1. Contact you via e-mail or telephone for the purposes of discussing your order or answering a question you asked;

    5.6.2. Forward the necessary information to the courier in the event that they may need to contact you regarding the delivery of your order.

5.7. By choosing to make a purchase with our site you also choose to accept these Shoping Rules and therefore consent to the sharing of this information with courier that may store your information for the purpose of record keeping.

5.8. It is our to treat you with great care and ensure that any information you provide to us is handled with the appropriate discretion and in accord with the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Legal Protection of Personal Data. Thus we will not sell your personal information to third parties nor use your personal information for anything unrelated to the business-client relationship.

    5.9. When we receive your information, it will be used for the purposes of:

    5.9.1. Expediting your order.

    5.9.2. Share your delivery and contact details with the couriers in order that you may communicate with each other regarding verification of your order, to confirm receipt, or to address any issues.

    5.9.3. Future e-mail correspondence regarding potential offers that may benefit you (if advance confirmation from you is received).

5.10. Any record of your information is used for the sole purpose of confirming your identity and expediting the process and is treated with secure and careful adherence to the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Legal Protection of Personal Data. It is not a credit inquiry and will not affect your credit score or credit rating.

5.11. You may request a copy of the personal data we have stored by sending your request to our Customer Service Team.

5.12. It is also our policy to ensure your personal security when utilizing our services. Thus we make every effort possible to ensure that our transactions are processed safely and that we securely store your personal information. Any information that is processed is encrypted and administered through a secure internet connection.

5.13. For your information, we use the Internet Standard encryption process known as SSL (secure sockets layer) in order to scramble your personal information and other sensitive data when you send it to us. Furthermore, we make every effort to update the technology as available in order to provide with the maximum level of security possible.

5.14. While we do everything in our power to ensure that the information you send is safe and secure, we also suggest that you use a private connection. If you are using a public computer or are on a shared, public network, please be sure to always log out of your account and close all browsers upon completion of your order or session before leaving the computer terminal. This ensures that your information cannot be retrieved from the terminal you were using.

5.15. Furthermore, it is important that you always keep passwords private. Always remember that any person who knows your password, or can discern it, will be able to access your account at any time as though they were the primary user. Thus it is a good idea to use different passwords for each of your online accounts.



    6.1. Misuse/abuse of this website is not allowed under any circumstance. Upon use of this website, you agree to:

    6.1.1. Not compel or incite a criminal act;

    6.1.2. Not deliver or distribute harmful or malicious content such as a virus;

    6.1.3. Not disrupt the integrity of the site including security hacking, corrupting data, disturbing other users, disrespecting the privacy or rights of other users, sending unsolicited advertising or marketing materials, or endeavor alter the utility of any computers within the network or is connected to the website;

    6.1.4. Not copy, republish or use any content, images and photos found on this site without prior written permission from the site owner. Obey all copyright laws.

6.2. In addition, we cannot be held responsible for any losses or damages resulting from any virtual attack by virus or other technological material that proves to be malicious in regards to infection on your personal computer including specific programs, data, or other material therein upon your voluntary download of material from this website or any website linked to it.

6.3. We reserve all rights to disable any user account at any time if it is under suspicious for such malicious attacks or if a user is believed to be in violation of these Shoping Ruless, including direct violation and misuse.



7.1. It is our policy to always provide a website with the most accessible information possible. While we do our best to ensure this, we cannot guarantee it at all times and as such ask that if the displayed site does not meet your needs or you encounter pages or links that do not lead where you expect, that you inform us of such so that we can make the appropriate repairs. Of course, it is recommended that you upgrade your browser to the latest version. You should also make sure that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash software.



8.1. The Seller and the Buyer shall undertake not to disclose any of the provisions set herein to the third persons, with the exception of state, governmental and law enforcement authorities, which have the right to obtain such information in the manner prescribed by the laws.

8.2. All disputes, disagreements or claims arising from or in relation to the cooperation between the Seller and the Buyer that cannot be settled by way of negotiations between the Seller and the Buyer within 15 working days as of the date of the claim, shall be settled in the manner prescribed by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

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