About LueL

As a family lifestyle business, LueL is run by Jelena and her daughter Sandra. Both talented in different areas and with different generational perspectives to offer, the two have everything that a competitive business demands. Working with high-quality linen and other natural materials, neutral colors, clean-cut lines and a focus on functionality, the two are redefining the modern linenwear aesthetic. LueL remains an independent brand led by Sandra and Jelena who pursue complete transparency in their work and are guided by strict ethical standards in producing each garment at their Vilnius-based atelier. In addition to helping run the family business, Sandra is an avid fashion academic currently studying for a PhD in fashion culture.


Our Mission

Before we came along, linen garments were often folksy, expensive and without designer’s touch. The best in linen quality and design was often reserved for niche consumers – we are here to change that. With local partners supplying premium-quality linen, our vast know-how, clever pricing and minimalist designs, we have transformed the linen wear market forever. We believe that our premium fabrics and the talent that stands behind our brand are the best we can offer the world. Our mission is to create and deliver absolutely modern, clean-cut and intelligently marketed linen wear. We are here to innovate through ethical production, disrupt traditional fashion price formation and transform your linen wear experience.


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